Best Places to Watch

There isn’t just one place that’s the best – there are a bunch! Read on for more details!

Best Way to Watch the Racing: Folks who have been to the race will tell you the best way to watch the race is to walk the course in reverse direction of the bike race. By walking in reverse the racers are always coming at you, so you don’t miss any action! This way you get to see a new vantage point just about every two minutes, and if you find a special sectional you can stay there for a couple of laps before moving on to a new adventure!

The Finish Line: Hands down, probably the most exciting place on the course! It’s where the races start, it’s where all the primes happen, it’s where the amazing professional announcers are, it’s the location that the music gets pumped out of and most importantly it’s where the finish sprint is for all the events. But come early, because space is always limited.

Crowd-favorite Hot Spots: Each of the corners on the course are exciting – ALL 9 OF THEM! Most spectators say that there isn’t a bad spot on the course, it’s just fun trying to see them all.

The All-important Beer Garden: There are actually two beer gardens this year! A huge one across from the finish line on the north side of the Rundel Library and a smaller satellite beer garden at the Bausch & Lomb “S” turn. There are both designed to be close to the action – right up to the edge of the course!

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